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The study programme in "International Policies and International Communication" taught at bachelor and master level.

Bachelor level

Law and Protection of Intellectual Property, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Demography, Statistics, Introduction to Political Studies, History of International Relations, Political and Economic Geography, Economic Policy, Informational Technologies, English, Second foreign language, Sport exercises, International Cultural Relations, International Political Relations, International Economic Relations, International Public Law, Contemporary Political Systems, International Organizations, European Integration, Foreign Policy of Poland, Social Philosophy, Sociology of International Relations, Social Psychology, International Marketing, Studying Methods, Methods of Research in International Relations, Introduction to Management, Intercultural communication, International Migrations, European Cultural Area, Laboratory of International Communication, Workshop in Practical Communication, Diplomatic law, Economic Analysis of an Enterprise, Theories of Nation and Ethnicity, Modernization and Urbanization, International Transportation, International Energy and Environment Protection Problems, Fundaments of Entrepreneurship, International Negotiations, Methods of Analysis of International Public Policy Problems, Issues in Functioning of Contemporary Democracies, Leadership and Political Decisions, Strategic Games and Strategic Analysis, Project Management, Seminar, International Health Policy Problems, Latin America Development, Problems of African Development, International Telecommunication, Development of China and India, European Monetary Union.

Master level

Theory of International Relations, Development Economics, International Security, Foreign Language, International Protection of Human Rights, International Social Policy, International Environment Protections, International Financial Markets, Globalization and Regionalization, International Forecasts, Economic Law of the EU, Seminar, Policies of International Organizations, Contemporary History of International Relations, Migration and Economic Development, Global Public Goods, Theories of International Communication, Contemporary Media Market, Workshop "Poland - Russia", Sociology and Economics of Culture, Media Coverage of International Politics, International Entrepreneurship, Multicultural Societies, Media in International Relations, International Nongovernmental Relations, Economic Role of the State in the Market Economy.